Short Collection
of Tales

The winner of the New Generation #JazzLab Award 2022
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InSpace quintet members standing in front of the camera with the redish glowing lights.
Short Collection of Tales (album cover)

Song For Tati

Short Collection of Tales

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Short Collection of Tales (aka InSpace) is an ensemble of five young musicians that was founded in October 2021 in Dresden. The compositions of their singer Kateryna Kravchenko are supported by an acoustic and warm band sound, which exhausts the timbre of each individual instrument and gives the music adepth which is rich in contrast. The melody assumes the leading role. Not subject to any pulse, it is organically embedded in complex rhythmic structures. It intertwines with the accompaniment to form a continuous unity. The synergies arising from the different backgrounds of the musicians help tocreate innovative sound experiences and let the pieces appear in an ever new light.


Kateryna Kravchenko — vocals
Timur Valitov — tenor sax
Victor Möhmel — piano
Ivan Scholz — bass
Heinrich Eißmann — drums

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